Navigation System

The Autonomous navigation system utilizes neural networks and machine learning to recognize the surrounding terrain and objects, automatically adjusting routes and reacting to unexpected situations, enabling unmanned vehicles to navigate autonomously during their missions.

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Through neural networks and machine learning

Autonomous navigation

Autonomy solution that revolutionizes vehicle navigation in challenging environments with dense forests and GPS-denied areas. The navigation system allows vehicle to move based on a robust geometric model. By leveraging AI technology, the system intelligently segments the environment, enabling the vehicle to adapt to various terrains without requiring prior knowledge.

Autonomní navigace - Simulace fyzického prostředí
Soutěž autonomních pozemních vozidel (UGV) států NATO a Evropské unie v Estonsku.
International autonomy contest

UGV Autonomy Trials

LPP Soft company, from L.P.P. Holding, participated in an autonomous ground vehicle competition in Läsne, Estonia. During the competition, all participants completed a standard journey on a paved road, however, the uniqueness of LPP Soft’s system allowed us to be the only team to navigate through unknown terrains, including forests and unfamiliar vegetation, without any operator intervention. We achieved this using our own vehicle control modules, artificial intelligence, and route plans specifically designed for challenging conditions. The successfully tested technologies have the potential to save lives and revolutionize armed conflicts and natural disaster responses…
Trials of autonomous UGV control system