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Artificial intelligence working for us?

The application of artificial intelligence for autonomous decision-making of unmanned vehicles, the successful premiere at the European competition of UGVs of NATO countries or the overlap of AI technologies into other domains. Not only about this, Tomáš Krivda, head of autonomous software development at LPP Soft, spoke on Czech Television's Byznys 24.

Autonomous vehicles can save lives in critical situations

The company LPP Soft utilizing artificial intelligence from the L.P.P. Holding, a.s. in cooperation with the state enterprise VOP Nový Jičín and universities - University of Defence and Czech Technical University, presented itself at the unofficial competition of autonomous ground vehicles (UGV) of NATO and European Union countries at the end of June in Läsne, Estonia.

Artificial intelligence will continue to be an increasingly sophisticated weapon on the battlefield

AI will be capable of detecting potential device failure before it occurs. Military unmanned vehicles are learning to navigate in terrain, recognize faces, analyze videos, and identify suspicious behavior. Modern technologies are transforming many fields, including defense sector.

Wheeled Robot. Unique Czech product protecting soldiers’ lives

The state enterprise VOP will introduce the latest generation of a robot called Taros. It has been developed for demanding military operations and falls into the category of unmanned ground vehicles (UGV). The state enterprise is collaborating with the Czech company LPP and the University of Defense in Brno (UNOB) on this advanced project.